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Ellen W. McAdoo's ticket to her father's second inaugural.


The Wilsons in the back of a car on the way to the president's second inauguration
Robert N Harper on Woodrow Wilson's right
Wilson en route to first inauguration with Taft.
Photo of President Wilson and President-elect Harding in the inaugural parade
Photo of Wilson and Harding riding to the 1921 inauguration
Woodrow Wilson giving his second inaugural address on 5 March 1917.
Woodrow Wilson taking the oath of office at his first inauguration.
Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling Wilson in Wilson’s second inaugural parade, 5 March 1917.
A procession at Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration; Wilson in a carriage.
Wilson & Aide at White House first inauguration.
William H. Taft and Woodrow Wilson ride to the Capitol for Wilson’s first inaugural.
Woodrow Wilson and William H. Taft at the White House on the day of Wilson's first inauguration.
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