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Photo of Wilson and Harding riding to the 1921 inauguration
Captioned: Waiting for a Chance to Help Elect Mr. Wilson. Politicians, campaign speakers, and others of the many classes of men whose services are needed in the work of a national campaign, gathered in the waiting room of the Democratic National…
President Wilson, half-length seated portrait, painted by Sir William Orpen, photographed copy by Margo of Beverley Studio, Staunton, Virginia.
This photo was taken at the start of the League of Nations, which was Woodrow Wilson's final point in his Fourteen Points for Peace.
Woodrow Wilson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left. Underneath the photograph it reads, "To his comrades, the officers, crew, and mariners of the USS. George Washington, with the warmest good wishes of Woodrow Wilson."
Portrait, three-quarter length, seated, President of Princeton
President Woodrow Wilson, three-quarter length portrait, facing front
President Wilson, full-length portrait, seated
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