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Frank Cobb warns Colonel House about British efforts to retard the peace process.

Editor's view on the importance of the economic situation in Britain.
The Salle de L'Horloge, Paris Peace Conference, 1919.
Photo of conference room from the Versailles Peace Conference.
Illustration from the London News. "Without Reservation": German signatures on the treaty.
Photo of Johann Giesberts, German minister of posts and delegate to the Paris Peace Conference
Photo of Johannes Bell and Hermann Muller, German signatories of the Paris peace treaty
Photo of the German delegates to the Paris Peace Conference. L to R: Lerr Leinert, Dr. Carl Melchier, Herr Giesborts, Count Brukdorff-Rantzeau, Dr. Landberg, Prof. Schnicking
Polish postcard depicting President Wilson and Paderewski discussing the fate of Poland.
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