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Woodrow Wilson urges Congress to approve Herbert Hoover’s requested appropriation for food relief saying that Bolshevism could not be stopped by force, but could be stopped by food.
On behalf of Herbert Hoover, Lewis Strauss tells Edith Benham, in response to her request for Mrs. Wilson, that it is not advisable to endorse a particular type of bread.
On behalf of Edith Bolling Wilson, Edith Benham asks Herbert Hoover for his advise about whether to endorse a certain type of flour.
The New York Committtee for Relief in Belgium asks Woodrow Wilson to help them secure support for their efforts.
Request that the US follow through on its pledges for food relief for Germany.
The Secretary of the Treasury passes along an appeal from a German editor for food aid.
President Wilson thanks the cardinal for the letter about the dire situation in Europe.
Cardinal Gibbons passes on word from the pope that Germany faces starvation.
Americans need to be in charge of the food aid they will distribute in Europe.
German government has told Swedish government that providing food would help prevent Bolshevism.
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