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Chairman of the Shipping Board passes along a letter from Charles Day.
Polk sends along some telegrams from Admiral Knight.
Page writes to President Wilson about his need to take medical leave.
President Wilson writes to the French ambassador.
Acquaintance writes to Helen Bones about Professor Lomonosoff.
Helen Bones writes a short letter about a letter she received from Dr. Yarros.
Letter to President Wilson from the chairman of the Shipping Board and Emergency Fleet Corporation
Secretary of State sends along the memo from his conference with Japan on the situation in Siberia.
President Wilson replies to gifts from a young French fan.
Baker passes along a letter from General Bliss to President Wilson.
Memorandum by McCormick, Hoover, and Baruch after President Wilson's revisions.
Draft of memorandum by McCormick, Hoover, and Baruch.
McCormick writes to President Wilson about changing the memorandum on coordinating activities with Great Britain, France, and Italy.
Letter to President Wilson criticizing the usefulness of censoring the mail.
President Wilson writes to the Chairman of the War Industries Board that he agrees the work of the board should not be permanent.
Baker writes to President Wilson that efforts to return the country to normal are moving along. There is no need for a reconstruction policy and Wilson should make that clear.
The Postmaster General sends President Wilson a new draft of his statement about government control of industries.
Gibbons passes on a message from the pope.
President Wilson confirms the travel plans for the trip to the Paris Peace Conference.
Baker tells President Wilson that Josephus Daniels warns that the trip to France should stick to its original destination port of Brest.
President Wilson writes that he is thrilled to hear that Page is recovering from his illness.
Ambassador Page lets President Wilson know that he is doing well in the hospital.
President Wilson lets Daniels know that he has already asked a Republican to accompany him on the trip to Paris.
Daniels advises that President Wilson takes a Republican along on the trip to Paris.
President Wilson thanks Creel for passing along William Allen White's letter.
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