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Announcement of Austria's acceptance of terms.
Secretary of State sends along news of submarine threat in Europe to President Wilson.
Government of the people now in control of Germany, as President Wilson knows.
Government of the people now in charge of Germany's peace negotiations.
List of points for the armistice negotiations with Germany.
President Wilson tells House that the armistice with Germany should limiting but not be too harsh.
President Wilson's views on the armistice.
Supporter writes of his approval of the treatment of Germany.

Written by WW on his own typewriter.

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Prominent surgeon asks President Wilson not to offer armistice to Germany.
Letter written from Elsie Ambuehl to John P. Ambuehl on the occasion of Armistice
Photo of a news clipping of plenipotentiaries working on terms of armistice, N.Y. Times Mid-week Pictorial
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