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This document is a certificate for Edward D. Shoor. While the information contained in it is provided below, no effort has been made to retain the format of the original.
Aug 1/18 sgt Kenneth M Colgate.

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Issued by the Jewish Welfare Board to Soldiers and Sailors of the U.S. Army & Navy

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Leon Shaner is promoted to Sergeant by order of Woodrow Wilson.

Taken by Chief Petty Officer Shindler May 25/1919 at 17 Rue Netot Paris.
President Woodrow Wilson, M. Clemenceau, Singor Orlando and Mr. Lloyd George. Picture taken at the Paris home of President Wilson, 11 Place des Etat-Unis, May 27th, 1919. Time 1:10 P.M.
Fortress of Verdun which withstood bombardment for four years.
German prisoners who picked a bouquet of flowers for Miss Benham at Verdun Man holding bouquet is an American Citizen who was in Germany visiting his mother when War started.
[In French] Tanks on the move.


P. Mathiew writes to Edward D. Shoor about his daughter’s death and the trials of his life since leaving Joco Estate.

A.J. Jennings writes to Edward D. Shoor about his life in Chicago and tells him of his upcoming marriage and the price of whiskey.
The Cable–railway and Sacré–Coeur.

Arrow points to me Sgt Ed Shoor. On my left is Sgt Sam Lane from Texas. I received a letter from Mrs Lane some years ago saying Sam died in 1949.
Sgt Price Car 14 Punctures.

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Remains of Cathedral at Esnes: Note bell.
Statue in Place St Quentin Sgt Sam Lane.
St Quentin France Hotel.
St Quentin France Square & Hotel de Ville.
Statue at Square of St. Quentin cpl Leo De Marsh.
Mrs Lansing stepping gingerly over a hand grenade capt Garfield.
Crown Prince headquarters at Mont Faucon.
Crown Prince escaped capture here by 3 minutes.
Dugout of Crown Prince of Bavaria before entering the deep forest of the Argonne.
Direct hit on a German tank Argonne Forest.

Solid concrete Observation Post Argonne Forest near Esnes.
Cpl. Allen in a German dug out on Dead Mans Hill, Argonne.
Chief. Schwindler in German trench Dead Mans Hill, Argonne
Stench not photographed.

Issued by the Jewish Welfare Board to Soldiers and Sailors of the U.S. Army & Navy.
Possibly in Paris.


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Possibly the USS George Washington.

Parc de Versailles (S. –et– O.) — La Nymphe à la Coquille.

Musée de Cluny 177 – Bois. – Panneaux (XVI siècle).

Musée de TOURS – “Diane” de Houdon

Limoges – Cathedral, Church of St. Peter.

[In French] Champagne, France, Mortars in action.
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