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Gladys Newman sends plans and specificaiton to the Architect’s Small House Service Bureau on behalf of Alice Gordon Grayson.
This letter acknowledges a refund for plans 6-A-91 and 5-D-31.
Wilson gives a speech defending his plan for the League of Nations.
Details how promotions and assignments will be made in the Navy Medical Corps.

An article on President Wilson’s popularity in Europe.
An editorial on a potential coal miner’s strike.
This obituary gives a brief account of Edwin Watson’s life and career as a military aide to FDR.



A poem mocking German Kaiser Wilhelm II.
A. Linderskold offers to show Cary T. Grayson what massage treatments could do for President Woodrow Wilson.


Woodrow Wilson delivers a speech at Carnegie Hall regarding Russia’s treatment of Jewish people living in that country.
Woodrow Wilson addresses Swarthmore College about the purpose of college and what it truly means to be a graduate.
Woodrow Wilson speaks on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg noting the peace and healing that has taken place since that day.
Woodrow Wilson speaks at the rededication of Congress Hall in Phildelphia.
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