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  • Collection: Nathan C. and Annie Lee Hoyt Papers

Woodrow Wilson writes to Daniel Heath concerning a circular regarding the “State”. He also asks about book sales.

Woodrow Wilson tells Daniel Heath that he intended that none of the Nation’s notice of “The State” be used rather than all of it.

Woodrow Wilson writes to John D. Adams about illustrations for his upcoming publication.

Woodrow Wilson tells Henry Alden that Mr. Pyle is looking over a copy of his manuscript. He also thanks him for loaning him the Byrd from the Columbia College for two weeks.

Woodrow Wilson acknowledges receipt of “The Barons of the Potomac and Rapahannock,” and thanks Henry Alden for sending it as it is proving significant in his research. He continues work on his second paper.

Woodrow Wilson acknowledges receipt of payment for the first and second articles on George Washington for the Magazine from Henry Alden.

Mostly documents, including letters, newspapers, and certificates. Also a small scrapbook containing photographs.
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