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John P  Ambuehl Collection.pdf
Mostly documents, including letters, brochures, certificates, and photographs. There is also a printed book of transcribed letters.
Draft card for John P. Ambuehl

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Invitation to a dedication celebration in honor of drafted men from Norman County, Minnesota

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Registration Certificate for John Peter Ambuehl

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Notice for Mr. John Peter Ambuhl to appear for physical examination

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Certificate recognizing John Peter Ambuhl as having been called for military service and not exempted or discharged

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Pocket journal of John P. Ambuehl.

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Inside cover of John P. Ambuehl's pocket testament
Portrait photo of John P. Ambuehl
Portrait photo of Clarence J. Rohlfing
Lyrics to the song "Keep the School-Fires Burning"

Card to notify that John P. Ambuehl arrived safely in Europe

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Cablegram message to John P. Ambuehl

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Letter written from Elsie Ambuehl to John P. Ambuehl on the occasion of Armistice
Letter written to notify John L. Ambuehl that his wishes regarding John P. Ambuehl's body will be complied with
Official telegram notifying John P. Ambuehl's family of his death
Telegram notifying John L. Ambuehl of approximate arrival date for John P. Ambuehl's body
Telegram from the escort of John P. Ambuehl's body confirming time of arrival
Telegram notifying John L. Ambuehl of departure date for John P. Ambuehl's body
Letter to Katie L. Ambuehl inquiring about her wishes regarding John P. Ambuehl's body
Certificate recognizing John P. Ambuehl as having died with honor
Notice Regarding Reimbursement of Funeral Expenses
Certificate in memory of John P. Ambuehl, signed by John J. Pershing
Letter accompanying a certificate of appreciation for John P. Ambuehl's family
Letter to the families of dead soldiers, regarding support from the American Legion, the American Red Cross, the Jewish Welfare Board, and other organizations
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