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  • Collection: Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Photo Collection
Postcard depicting the image of the "Beaulieu" house in Pass Christian, Mississippi, where Woodrow Wilson stayed for several weeks in the winter of 1913-1914 during his presidency.
One additional copy
A variation of Flagg's original propaganda poster supporting war efforts.
Additional smaller copy and film negative
Woman standing next to a sign that says that 20,000,000 American woman are not self governed
Cartoon depicting the tariff issue during the 1912 campaign
Two additional copies; three film negatives

Transcribed from the back: "The William Mill called "Two Mile Mill" near Dromore, Ireland. Visited by me on August 13th, 1895. Tho. D. Johnston"
Picture of 19,000 Officers and Men at Camp Lee, VA in the shape of Uncle Sam
Cartoon depicting Woodrow Wilson teaching a lesson to Latin American leaders

Same couple depicted in item WWPL2832

Same couple depicted in item WWPL2825

Panorama of the 1st Brigade at Mt.Gretna , PA
A letter of admiration from Wilson to Long because himself and his four sons joined the army

Peacock Alley, Trianon Palace Hotel, Versailles, leading to the room where the preliminary peace treaty ceremony will take place.
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and King Albert leaving the station at Adinkerke in an automobile with a crowd of children looking on

"Potatriots" window display in Staack & Luckiesh grocery in Iowa promoting the consumption of potatoes in order to save wheat for troops
Photo of the Allied War Council at the home of General Tasker H. Bliss. L to R, front row: Brig. Gen. P.D. Lochridge, Gen. Tasker H. Bliss; second row: Col. S.D. Embick, Lt. Col. W.S. Browning, Col. B.H. Wells, Col. US Grant III; third row: Maj. C.M.…
Photograph of a human ‘American Eagle’ by Arthur Mole, using 12,500 servicemen and nurses at Camp Gordon, Atlanta.
Photo of the first caucus of the American Legion

Map of American actions during World War I
Photo showing two American soldiers in front of an American bridgehead boundary sign, pictured in both English and German.
Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Carnegie in an Academic Procession at Princeton.
Andrew West, Dean of Graduate Studies, Princeton University
Portrait of WW grandmother from Wilson family album.
One additional copy
Print of portrait of WW aunt, born in Steubenville, OH in 1824, from Wilson family album.
Located in Carlisle, England
Portrait of Miss Annie Josephine Wilson, the sister of Woodrow Wilson, when she was a young lady .
Mrs. George Howe Jr.
Portrait of Mrs Annie Wilson Cothran, daughter of the President's Sister.
Annie Wilson Howe Cothran, daughter of WW's sister

Representatives of Arab Kingdoms at Versailles Peace Conference
World War I Armistice Day at the Arch of Triumph, Washington, DC 1918.
Exterior of the Arlington House portico.
President Wilson and General Pershing, World War I Armistice Celebration in Washington, D.C. 1918
Apart of the Campus Comments from Mary Baldwin College
View of the Armistice Parade in Washington, D.C. 1918
Picture of Dr. Arthur Link and Dr. Spencer at Memorial Service for Edith Bolling Wilson.
Portrait of Albert Sidney Burleston, Postmaster General under President Wilson.

WWPL 2608.jpeg
Dr. Renner, State Chancellor of Austria and head of the Austrian Peace Delegation, who alone will be empowered to negotiate and sign the Treaty.
Austrian Peace Delegation, headed by Dr. Renner, State Chancellor arriving at Saint-Germain, France, May 14, 1919.
Photo of a painting of Bainbridge Colby by Douglas Volk
Photograph of Bainbridge Colby
Rooftop photograph of several automobiles in a parade in Baltimore
Photo of Bernard M. Baruch with Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, taken at the King's palace, Brussels, Belgium
At a New Hampshire Restoration Facility
Photo of Woodrow Wilson's party passing through the streets of a devastated town in Belgium


Transcribed from back: "Bertha Francis Brown, age five months, born Feb 29th, 1912"
Physical item in an irregular round shape
Upper row: Marion Woodrow Bones (sister of Woodrow Wilson's mother) and James W. Bones
Bottom row: both Jessie Wilson bones
Wilson residence, Columbia, South Carolina.
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and King Albert in Brussels, Belgium
Bryn Mawr faculty and students, 1886
Was taken at the Veterans Administration in Cleveland Ohio

Transcribed from back: "At 65 years. For brother Haller H. Xmas 1906"
Painting hanging above the china set
California delegates pledged for Roosevelt.
Transcribed from the back: "President Wilson and members of his cabinet and other high officials attend the biggest Calvary review in the Nat'l Capital service the close of the Civil War News Reel 1913".
Photograph of guns on the battlefield.

Panorama picture of soldiers at Camp Joseph E. Johnston near Jacksonville, Florida.
At Woodrow Wilson's summer house
Addressing young men's democratic clubs
Item is partially torn
Carslie, England House in which Mrs. Joseph Ruggles Wilson was born.

Photo taken in Downing Block, Salem, Massachusetts

Photo taken by Moulton's Gallery in Salem, Massachusetts
Portrait of Carter Glass.
Picture of Carter Glass and Wm G. McAdoo.
American Life Style : Woodrow Wilson Peace and War and the Professor President
Photo showing drawings for the chairs to be used in Congress.
Photo of Charles Evans Hughes featured in the New York Times, Captioned "This country will not remain long the land of the free if it ceases to be the home of the brave."
Photo of certificate appointing Charles S. Hamlin to the Federal Reserve Board, signed by Woodrow Wilson.
The jazz guitarist shown playing the Wilson guitar.

The jazz guitarist shown playing the Wilson guitar.

The jazz guitarist shown playing the Wilson guitar.

Heritage sign depicting the history of Hill Church
Heritage sign depicting the history of the founder, John McMillan, of the Hill Church
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