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A car on the street, with a crowd.
A carriage, most likely in Paris.
A flotilla of ships, probably from the Paris Peace Conference.
A crowd scene in London, probably in December of 1918.
A crowd scene in London during the Paris Peace Conference.
An English dignitary, Woodrow Wilson, and Prince Arthur of England.
An unknown passenger and President Raymond Poincaré of France.
“There is no hope”; Cary T. Grayson’s message to waiting newspaper
men at the Wilson house.
Edward M. House, Robert Lansing, Woodrow Wilson, Henry White, and Tasker H. Bliss at the Hotel Crillon, Paris, 19 December 1918.
Edward M. House, Robert Lansing, Woodrow Wilson, Henry White, and Tasker H. Bliss: the American delegation to the Paris Peace Conference.
Eleanor Foster Lansing, Edith Bolling Wilson, Woodrow Wilson, and Cary T. Grayson on the bridge of the U.S.S. George Washington en route to England.
John J. Pershing and Cary T. Grayson in an open carriage, probably on 1918 December 26.
[John J. Pershing], Edith Bolling Wilson, and Woodrow Wilson on a reviewing stand, probably on Christmas day, 1918.
Joseph P. Tumulty arrives at the Wilson House.
A procession at Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration; Wilson in a carriage.
Troops standing at attention, probably in Rome, Italy.
Three people at a window in France, possibly Woodrow Wilson.
Two carriages in a parade, possibly in December of 1918
The U.S.S. George Washington
The U.S.S. George Washington.
Vance MCormick talking with newspaper men at the Wilson house.
Waiting by a train, probably Wilson's train at the Italian border.
Woodrow Wilson at Sea Girt, NJ, with Governors Mann of Virginia and Pothier of Rhode Island.
A later photograph of Woodrow Wilson.
A portrait of Woodrow Wilson, probably as governor of New Jersey.
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