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Woodrow Wilson authorizes the Food Purchase Board.

Woodrow Wilson thanks Mr. Kemp for his previous letter.
A portrait of Woodrow Wilson
Picture of Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Wilson riding in an open carriage with a fur blanket on their lap
Portrait of his head and shoulders, looking to the right
President Wilson and Gen. Pershing reviewing troops in France.
Photocopy of a newsclipping photo of Woodrow Wilson and his secretary, Joseph P. Tumulty
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling Galt in an automobile for a parade in Baltimore.
Photo of Woodrow Wilson standing in an automobile and tipping his hat, with Edith Bolling Galt and Bill Starling
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling Galt in an automobile for a parade in Baltimore
Captioned: Incidents of the First Campaign--On the left, Governor Wilson with Wm. F. McCombs, Jr., Chairman of the National Democratic Committee, who acted as his campaign manager. On the right, the Governor delivering his speech accepting the…

Woodrow Wilson addresses the League for the Rights of Men in Paris about the US coming to the aid of her first Ally, France.
Woodrow Wilson delivers and address in Carlise, England where his mother was born.
Woodrow Wilson thanks the mayor and citizens of Dover, England for their welcome of him and his conviction that they will see the struggles of World War One as worthwhile as they look back on them.
President Woodrow Wilson addresses problems associated with peace negotiations in Paris following World War I.
President Woodrow Wilson thanks the French people and their government for their friendship and hospitality.
A portrait of Woodrow Wilson, probably as governor of New Jersey.
A later photograph of Woodrow Wilson.
This invitation requests the receiver’s presence at the wedding of Jessie Woodrow Wilson and Francis Bowes Sayre.


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