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Report on the threat of Bolshevism in Europe.

Report on Japanese troop movements in Siberia.
Secretary of State sends along memo about Bolsheviks.
Describes a massacre by the Bolsheviks.

Secretary of State told the Russian ambassador that he would tell President Wilson about the massacre by Bolsheviks.
Knight reports on developments at Lake Baikal and public sentiment toward Bolsheviks.

Date: No date
Secretary of State writes to President Wilson about the Bolshevik Revolution.
British willing to publish the Sisson Papers though some think they are fake.
Report on the fighting at Archangel, including the death of sixty-five officers.
Russian citizens suffering from reign of terror.
President Wilson should respond to reports of terrorism in Russia.
Advice on the situation in Siberia.

Czechoslovakian returns to give a detailed report on the situation of the troops in Russia.

Date: No date

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