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Herbert Hoover tells Woodrow Wilson that he is drafting a memorandum regarding relief to Belgium.
President Wilson and King Albert at Adinkerk, Belgium, at the time of President Wilson's visit to Belgium
Two photos mounted on card stock by the Keystone View Company, text on reverse side detailing Wilson's visit
Wilson with King Albert and Queen Elizabeth on Belgian battlefield
Picture reading from left to right; Her majesty, the Queen, President Woodrow Wilson, Mrs. Wilson and His Majesty, the King of Belgium. Picture taken at the Kings Palace in Brussels, Belgium.
President Wilson, at Marchinnes_au_Pont, near Charleroi, Belgium, where five blast furnaces have already been set up to replace some of those destroyed by the Germans.
President Wilson and King Albert, passing over the battlefield near the Forest of Houthoulst.
Photo of Wresident Wilson and King Albert near a blast furnace at Marchienne-au-Pont, Belgium
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and Queen Elizabeth in the trenches at Nieuwpoort battlefield
Photo of Woodrow Wilson walking with Brand Whitlock at the Nieuwpoort battlefield, Cary T Grayson behind
Photo of Edith Bolling Galt Wilson and Queen Elizabeth of Belgium walking at the Nieuwpoort battlefield
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and King Albert leaving the station at Adinkerke in an automobile with a crowd of children looking on
Photo of the Wilsons with the King and Queen of Belgium in the Forest of Houthoulst, Belgium. Left to Right: Edith Benham, Queen Elizabeth, Woodrow Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, Margaret Wilson, King Albert
Photo of Woodrow Wilson's party passing through the streets of a devastated town in Belgium


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