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Postcard depicting the image of the "Beaulieu" house in Pass Christian, Mississippi, where Woodrow Wilson stayed for several weeks in the winter of 1913-1914 during his presidency.
One additional copy

Date: No date
A variation of Flagg's original propaganda poster supporting war efforts.

Date: 1917
Additional smaller copy and film negative
Woman standing next to a sign that says that 20,000,000 American woman are not self governed

Date: 1917

The Transport "Mount Vernon in dry-dock at Brest being repaired.

Date: No date
Letter to the Editor answering the letter of Alma Whitaker regarding the south.

African-American 350th Field Artillery Band raises $926 with performance

Date: 1918 May 2
Cartoon depicting the tariff issue during the 1912 campaign

Date: 1912
Two additional copies; three film negatives

Date: 1912

Transcribed from the back: "The William Mill called "Two Mile Mill" near Dromore, Ireland. Visited by me on August 13th, 1895. Tho. D. Johnston"
Picture of 19,000 Officers and Men at Camp Lee, VA in the shape of Uncle Sam
Cartoon depicting Woodrow Wilson teaching a lesson to Latin American leaders

Date: No date
Woodrow Wilson appeals to offer aid in wake of the terrible floods in Indiana and Ohio.

Caruthers Ewing writes Margaret A. Wilson a condolence letter after the death of her father.

Woodrow Wilson writes the first draft of his statement regarding relations in Latin America.
Edgar Rickard and Theodore F. Whitmarsh tell Herbert Hoover about the difficulties in shipping the needed tonnage of supplies to Europe.
Edgar Rickard and Theodore F. Whitmarsh tell Herbert Hoover about the difficulties in shipping the needed tonnage of supplies to Europe.
Gladys Newman sends plans and specificaiton to the Architect’s Small House Service Bureau on behalf of Alice Gordon Grayson.
This letter acknowledges a refund for plans 6-A-91 and 5-D-31.
Wilson gives a speech defending his plan for the League of Nations.
A Romanian almanac for 1919.

Date: 1919

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Same couple depicted in item WWPL2832

Date: 1920

Same couple depicted in item WWPL2825

Date: 1920

Panorama of the 1st Brigade at Mt.Gretna , PA

Washington Post article reporting on number of lynchings in U.S.
Details how promotions and assignments will be made in the Navy Medical Corps.

A bank document of measurements for Benjamin Strong Jr.

Date: No date
A car on the street, with a crowd.

Date: No date
A carriage, most likely in Paris.

Date: 1919
Richard Dabney writes that the war must be fought to the finish, not to a peace without victory, but to a peace that truly makes the world safer and ends Prussianism and its despotism.
A flotilla of ships, probably from the Paris Peace Conference.

Date: 1919
A crowd scene in London, probably in December of 1918.
A crowd scene in London during the Paris Peace Conference.

Date: 1919
A memorandum on conditions in Mexico by Fransisco Escudero.
Report on the conditions in the Philippines.

Portrait of a Captain on the USS Mt. Vernon

Date: No date
An article on President Wilson’s popularity in Europe.

An anonymous writer complains that African-American women use the same washstands, toilets, and lunch rooms as white women at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
An editorial on a potential coal miner’s strike.
Woodrow Wilson makes a proclamation about licensing bakers in order to conserve ingredients.
This obituary gives a brief account of Edwin Watson’s life and career as a military aide to FDR.

A report on German gold due to be sold to the American government.
A poem mocking German Kaiser Wilhelm II.

A photograph of a soldier manning a cannon.

Date: No date
Woodrow Wilson writes the first draft of his statement regarding relations in Latin America.
A letter of admiration from Wilson to Long because himself and his four sons joined the army
Requested report on what America has been doing to support the war effort.

Date: No date
Letter expressing regret that "W.M. Trotter and his Committee proved to be unqualified for the mission they sought to perform."
A. Linderskold offers to show Cary T. Grayson what massage treatments could do for President Woodrow Wilson.
Accounting of enemy property after the war needs to include patents.

Letter informing Reese there are no African-American employees in the USDA Division of Accounts and Disbursements.
Successfully built wooden ships should be put in their own unit after war.
Abram Halsey thanks Woodrow Wilson for briefly attending the dinner thrown in his honor by the class Princeton class of 1879.

Acting Secretary to Judge Edward Osgood Brown acknowledging the receipt of his letter and confirming that there is no segregation policy in effect at the Department.

Peacock Alley, Trianon Palace Hotel, Versailles, leading to the room where the preliminary peace treaty ceremony will take place.

Date: 1919 May 2
Letter on Texas & Pacific Railway Company letterhead commending Wilson for his response to the Trotter incident.
Adam E. Patterson writes to Woodrow Wilson asking that his name be withdrawn as the nomination for Register of the Treasury.

Additional material that was interleaved in the Koger scrapbook. Many of these are newspaper clippings from New York City newspapers.

Date: 1917
Woodrow Wilson delivers a speech at Carnegie Hall regarding Russia’s treatment of Jewish people living in that country.
Woodrow Wilson addresses Swarthmore College about the purpose of college and what it truly means to be a graduate.
Woodrow Wilson speaks on the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg noting the peace and healing that has taken place since that day.
Woodrow Wilson speaks at the rededication of Congress Hall in Phildelphia.
Woodrow Wilson addresses the Southern Commercial Congress about what the opening of the Panama Canal will mean for trade in the Southern States.
Woodrow Wilson delivers a Memorial Day address at Arlington Cemetery.
Woodrow Wilson speaks at the dedication of the monument to Commodore John Barry in Washington, DC.
Woodrow Wilson addresses the American Medical Association in Atlantic City.
Woodrow Wilson address a group of students from the Columbia School.
Woodrow Wilson addresses the joint houses of Congress.
Woodrow Wilson addresses Congress on the importance of giving the business and banking world of America reform that will set them free.
Woodrow Wilson addresses Congress about the need to aid Mexico in light of its recent unrest and the changes to that region once the Panama Canal is completed.
Woodrow Wilson delivers his first State of the Union address before the joint houses of Congress.
Woodrow Wilson delivers the State of the Union Address on December 7, 1915.
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