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Journal of the Senate listing petitions asking for an investigation into the recent race riots in the U.S.

Letter to Wilson regarding the lynching of 3 Montgomery, AL prisoners.
Cary T. Grayson responds to EC Clark’s letter of 7 October 1919.
EC Clark reccomends dandelion wine for Woodrow Wilson.
Cary T. Grayson replies to HL Bogardus' letter reccommending the book “The Pyschic Treatment of Nervous Disorder” for the treatment of President Wilson.
Mrs. Lewis J. Smith writes Cary T. Grayson; claims the President's enemies say he is crazy.

Albert Shunk recounts an acetdote about an old patient, and offers his C.V.

Cary T. Grayson, on 7 October 1919, replies to Lucy Warner Maynard's offer of a farm in Montgomery County, MD, as a place for the President to convalesce.

Dr. P.F. Price sends good wishes to President Wilson and his doctor.

Dr. Grayson's reply to Hunsdon Cary, thanking him for offering his inn near Asheville, NC to the President.


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