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This photograph was taken during Wilson's visit to the battlefields.

Blackshear feels African American government workers should not give personal religious, political, or racial opinions in official capacity.
Letter from Jon Bouman to his family.
General view of the emplacement that carried one of the Big Berthas that fired upon Paris.
Emplacement that carried one of the Big Berthas that fired upon Paris, sixty-five miles outside of Paris
President Wilson and party visits emplacement of Big Bertha that fired upon Paris
Picture at Soissons, France at a point where President Wilson was detained during the exploding of an ammunition dump
Picture of President Wilson and party looking over devestated France in the town of Roye, France, during the Predidents visit to the Battlefields in Soissons, France
President Wilson, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, and Doughboys looking over the emplacement of one of the Big Berthas that fired upon Paris

Picture of French soldiers who gathered around the President's car until the President received word that it was all right to proceed after an explosion
Picture of the President and Mrs. Wilson, Admiral Cary T. Grayson, U.S.N. President's personal aide and medical advisor Edith Bemhan, secretary to Mrs. Wilson

Earl S. Parish writes to his mother from active duty at the base hospital in Savenay, France.
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