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  • Date is exactly "1918 June 14"
Herbert Hoover informs Woodrow Wilson of his plans to have each division head and each State Food Administrator to create a monthly report of activities that will under the charge of Robert A. Taft.
Woodrow Wilson supports Herbert Hoover’s decision to go abroad and consult with the Food Administrators of France, England, and Italy.
Woodrow Wilson agrees with Herbert Hoover’s arrangements communicated in monthly reports of the Food Administration will be satisfactory.
Joseph Tumulty sends Herbert Hoover a letter excerpt, written by a friend, that contains a suggestion he thinks requires attention.

Asking for circulars, posters, pledge cards, etc. for the Saturday Service League.
Short response to pin idea.
William G. McAdoo sends Benjamin Strong Jr. a telegram to say that he cannot visit as he has decided to go farther west.


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