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  • Date is exactly "1917 November 27"
This memorandum states that Woodrow Wilson has recommended to the Food Administration that the alcoholic content of beer be reduced to 3% and the volume of grain should be 70% of the amount formerly used. The existing stores of distilled drinks can…
Herbert Hoover writes the Rules and Regulations governing the manufacturing of crackers.

Herbert Hoover introduces Cyrus E. White who is presenting the situation of farm labor in Kansas to the President.
Herbert Hoover informs Woodrow Wilson that the New York State Commission has accepted their terms, and Cuba has renewed negotiations about the price of sugar.
Woodrow Wilson issues an executive order regulating prices for various foodstuffs and fuel.

Woodrow Wilson defers to Herbert Hoover’s judgment regarding prices of food and fuel since he does not have his detail of knowledge regarding these issues.


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