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  • Date is exactly "1917 August 13"
Curtis Lindley sends Herbert Hoover a letter to sign and present to Woodrow Wilson in an attempt to settle the controversy of the Franking privilege.
Herbert Hoover sends Woodrow Wilson two executive orders regarding the Food Administration and says that he wishes to appoint two more directors for the corporation.
Herbert Hoover sends a letter for Woodrow Wilson’s signature to Rudolph Foster and mentions sending a list of names to him of potential State Commissioners.

Woodrow Wilson writes to Richard Heath Dabney, expressing his opinion of the People’s Council.
Memorandum on constitutional rights from the American Union against Militarism
Document states that there is little observed enthusiasm for the war, that newspaper reports about U.S. accomplishments would aid the war effort, particularly in the selling of bonds to the average buyer.
Benjamin Strong Jr. writes Edward M. House to ask if he might visit.
Benjamin Strong Jr. writes Edward M. House regarding war propoganda.
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