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Samuel Gompers writes to Woodrow Wilson in reference to amendment adopted to the Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill.

Edward C. Jenkins writes to Woodrow Wilson regarding C.H. Dodge's plans to influence Mr. Mott to accept position.

Woodrow WIlson writes to Eugene E. Reed urging him to push antitrust legislation forward in New Hampshire

Pictured is President Taft and President-Elect Wilson on their way to the Capitol

Panorama in front of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. at the Inaguration of President Wilson feauring the Anapolis and West Point Cadets
Onlookers facing empty event space in front of Capitol
Onlookers facing empty event space in front of Capitol
A collection of prescription cards for Cary T. Grayson’s treatment of Woodrow Wilson.
Note by Cary T. Grayson about the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson as President.
Woodrow Wilson delivers his first inaugural address.
Captain Cootes writes to Cary T. Grayson to thank him for his help in securing a position as aide to newly-elected President Woodrow Wilson.
Woodrow Wilson and William H. Taft, probably on Wilson’s first inauguration day, 4 March 1913.
Woodrow Wilson taking the oath of office at his first inauguration.
Wilson & Aide at White House first inauguration.
William H. Taft and Woodrow Wilson ride to the Capitol for Wilson’s first inaugural.
Woodrow Wilson and William H. Taft at the White House on the day of Wilson's first inauguration.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson extend an invitation to Mr. and Mrs. N.O. Vruland to come to the White House for a luncheon.
This envelope for the 1913 Presidential Inauguration is addressed to N.O. Vruland.
Edward M. House plans a meeting with Benjamin Strong Jr. on Friday.
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