To Sea

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USS Maryland Commanded by Captain Ingersoll

Before President Roosevelt's Great White Fleet sailed in 1907, the American navy was already working to cement the power of the United States across the oceans. One aspect of the preparation was the USS Maryland, a Pennsylvania-class armored cruiser that transferred in September of 1906 from the Atlantic Fleet to the US Asiatic Fleet.

On board was a young doctor, Cary T. Grayson who had finished medical school in 1904, before joining the crew as a navy surgeon in the next year. Dr. Grayson served nearly two and a half years as a doctor on the Maryland. In that time, the ship sailed to Cuba and Puerto Rico before going on to the Philippines. From this base, it was moved to the US Pacific Fleet in October 1907. On the way home, it stopped in China and Japan before sailing to Hawaii and finally San Francisco.